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  • Why Do We Recommend Supplements?

    Why Do We Recommend Supplements?

    Why do we recommend supplements? In short, to fill in the nutritional gaps that we don’t get naturally from the foods we eat on a daily basis. WE ARE HUMAN THUS DO NOT EAT PERFECT EVERYTIME! Unless you are ONLY eating natural foods (ones that you pick from a plant/tree, dig up from the ground or kill), and from variety of sources then you are missing out on A LOT of important minerals and vitami ns. (Like the ones shown all around dotFIT ’s Active Multivitamin.) When you supplement, you’re giving your body the chance to work at its best without forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like just to get a specific mineral or vitamin that it needs. If ....

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  • Let's Get Real: The Misinformation is RAMPANT!!

    Let's Get Real: The Misinformation is RAMPANT!!

    Please, please, please, for the love of God, PLEASE pay attention to the CRAP you’re reading and the crooked source you’re reading it from. Since I have started actually studying the fitness and wellness industry I have become hypersensitive to the astronomical amount of BS out there claiming their way is THE way (with maybe some legitimate evidence to back it up) to lose weight. All asking you to give an arm and a leg as payment. Whether you finish it and lose weight or not, you’ll grow the arm and leg back and along with it comes the weight you just lost and another 5-20 lbs…you know, interest… You try another diet, pill/supplement, ....

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  • Let's Get Real: Weight Loss and the REAL Struggles

    Let's Get Real: Weight Loss and the REAL Struggles

    A Fair Warning:
    NSFW (Not Safe For Work) …in other words, this isn’t a college paper that is properly written. Because this is about real life for real people and real people swear and rant. Real people have the same issues as other real people but don’t know it because it’s “too gross” or not proper to talk about. I’m going to talk about it. So, if you’re easily grossed out, offended by curse words and sarcasm, or you’re my grandmother, this might not be your cup of tea. For everyone else… Everyone knows you need to exercise and not eat too much sh*!^y foods, but for the love of God that DOES NOT mean ....

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  • Healthier LIVABLE Lifestyle Easier with Systems

    Healthier LIVABLE Lifestyle Easier with Systems

    Powerful statement. What systems do you have in place to create a LIVABLE healthier you? Does the system you have in placeaddress... ...How you eat?
    This shouldn't be about the "perfect" meal plan, but rather how will you fuel your body AND recognize how you will eat to address the other demands (social, stress, etc..). Food and beverages WILL play a role in your life. ...How you move?
    This isn't only about burning calories. Are you slowing down the aging process with concern for muscle and multi-directional movements for continued motor coordination and balance? Are you aware of how vertical or non-vertical (sedentary) you are and how to better your daily activity ....

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  • All or None vs. Less or More!

    All or None vs. Less or More!

    With the excitement of the New Year, many individuals in pursuit of fitness and weight management goals make commitments that at first seem logical and the path to go to make the desired life change. These commitments include such as...
    I will stop eating junk food
    I will not miss a workout and exercise every day
    I will give up alcohol These are examples of the " All or None " mindset. Unless you never want to have a drink again with friends and family, have a slice of cake at your next birthday or expect never to get sick, this approach is unrealistic for long term success. In essence this doesn't help you learn how to have balance so you can (no pun intended) "have you cake and eat ....

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  • Which Body Would You Prefer?

    Which Body Would You Prefer?

    When many people look to make aesthetic fitness changes to transform their body and both look and feel good are they matching the program to their preferred body they want to achieve? Before we get into the science behind the game planning to achieve your desired results, I believe it sometimes better to start with the end in mind. Look at the distance runner and the sprinter. We can argue that both are fit; however, when it comes to being shaped and tone you can see how the sprinter’s body is more defined, lean, shaped and tone. My purpose of this article isn’t to tell you which body you should prefer; rather explain the training differences so you have a ....

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  • ATTENTION LATROBE AND GREENSBURG -  FREE Group Personal Training & SPINNING to raise  $$$ for local charity

    ATTENTION LATROBE AND GREENSBURG - FREE Group Personal Training & SPINNING to raise $$$ for local charity

    Latrobe, Greensburg and surrounding area residents are invited to a FREE workout event to raise money for a great local charity. Saturday March 31st from 7:00 to 1:00 PM My Fitness Kitchen
    will be donating money to THE UNION MISSION OF LATROBE for each individual who participates in our Group Personal Training session or SPINNING classes. "The Union Mission is a faith-based organization providing resources to men without shelter and assisting them in building self-reliance leading to a transition to safe, affordable, and sustained housing."
    The workouts are FREE and open to the public.
    There will be 4 Group Personal Training sessions and 3 SPINNING ....

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  • Starvation Mode De-bunked by “Naked and Afraid”

    Starvation Mode De-bunked by “Naked and Afraid”

    How TV series proves if you are not losing weight it isn’t because you are not eating enough.

    If the Starvation Mode theory is true and holding back people from losing weight, how come it didn’t help Duke from his 21-day experience on Naked and Afraid? Duke lost 26 lbs. while on Naked and Afraid. By day 20 it was reported that he and his partner of the show had a combined intake of 100 calories. They then were fortunate to find a snake to eat prior to extraction day on Day 21. Considering nutrition of a raw snake (they did cook it) is about 93 calories per 100 grams (3.5 ounces) at best I would guess he was able to consume an additional 500 calories to give him a ....

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  • Taking Your Lifestyle Outside of the KITCHEN

    Taking Your Lifestyle Outside of the KITCHEN

    Hello! My name is Kathryn Jones, but most people call me Kat. I have a BS and an MS in Exercise Science and am a trainer at MFK. With my education and experience, I am starting a new adventure to help you stay active and accountable when you are not in the gym. I am starting a blog series that will consist of one blog per month (maybe more, but to be safe let's just plan for one). The theme of this series is “ Taking Your Lifestyle Outside of the KITCHEN.
    ” A few things you can expect are outdoor exercise ideas, healthy and delicious choices at your favorite local restaurants, activities to do with your doggo, and fun ways to stay active while on vacation. Now that you know ....

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