Let's Get Real: Weight Loss and the REAL Struggles

Let's Get Real: Weight Loss and the REAL Struggles

A Fair Warning:NSFW (Not Safe For Work) …in other words, this isn’t a college paper that is properly written. Because this is about real life for real people and real people swear and rant. Real people have the same issues as other real people but don’t know it because it’s “too gross” or not proper to talk about. I’m going to talk about it. So, if you’re easily grossed out, offended by curse words and sarcasm, or you’re my grandmother, this might not be your cup of tea.

For everyone else…

Everyone knows you need to exercise and not eat too much sh*!^y foods, but for the love of God that DOES NOT mean you have to ONLY eat salads for lunch everyday and exercise 9 days a week! Why does everyone take sh!* to the extreme and then think it’s going to work??? That’s saying you’re going to start listening to Lil’ Nas X and like it when 90% of the time you’re listening to Johnny Cash.


I want this series to be about the stuff that goes on with weight loss that nobody really talks about but definitely should. The REAL stuff.

The Daily Struggles. The Small Victories. The Big Victories. The Unexpected Victories. The Unexpected Setbacks. The (few) Annoying Things.

All with the added perspective of a personal trainer. So, you might actually learn a thing or two!


Yeah yeah, there’s health benefits all around, in fact there’s not really one legitimate bad thing about exercising and eating healthy meals consistently. But if that’s all it really involved, if that’s how black and white it really is, then why, in a time when there are more gyms and training centers than ever, is the overweight/obese population steadily climbing??

The non-scientific fact: Because ITS. F@%*ING. HARD.

No-So-Fun Fact: 40% of American adults and nearly 20% of our kids are obese. (CDC.gov)


BUT! Before I get into my ranting and the juicy stuff, I should probably shed some light on my life and experiences so far.

In terms of weight, I am the cliché tale of the kid who grew up chubby and shy. Born and raised in western Pa, it wasn’t until some unknown force gave this super-introvert the courage to transfer to Wichita State University in the middle of the year where I basically spent the majority of the spring semester with few people face-to-face (thank goodness for Skype and text messaging!). But for the first time I got into the habit of working out and consciously eating healthier on a consistent basis.

I lost a bunch of weight, was able to keep it off until life said I should have a baby girl and name her Lulu. Gained it all back (thank you to my husband, John for mentioning pizza every other day). Eventually I got into the eating right/exercising consistently thing again, but it wasn’t coming off. I later find out it was because of my birth control (YAY hormones!!). I lost the majority of that weight too BUT a little bouncing baby boy named JJ came along and those damn 40 lbs came with it (as much as I’d like to blame John this time, it was all me).

FINALLY, I’m back to my weight BEFORE baby #1, if not below it and in better shape than I have been in my entire adult life.

(Stay tuned for a video of this most recent journey when I started with Mark and MFK!!)


Professionally, I remember wanting to be a nurse (because my dad was one), a doctor (because they made more money and my grandfather was one), a teacher (my mom ran a daycare out of our house), a vet, a marine biologist, a videographer, a movie maker, a photographer, something in business and then computers (those “I’ll figure it out later” majors) and a medical technician (chemistry still makes me want to cry). 5 major changes later I earned my cap tassel and expensive piece of paper noting a bachelor’s degree in Sport Management.

After some time with Wichita’s minor league baseball and hockey teams life brought me and my family back home.

The last 5-10 years have (almost) been me following my gut instinct even though it didn’t always make sense or work out in my favor. Including going for my master’s degree…which I’ll finish eventually.

And now with a husband, two pretty awesome kids, two jobs (of which couldn’t be more opposite of each other), the word fruition keeps coming to mind.

Fruition (froo-ish-uhn) noun: attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment”



All of the guessing (and second-guessing) so I can spend my extra time writing a sarcastic, curse-word filled (why yes, my mother is proud) blog on my very real weight loss experiences mixed in with my insights of a personal trainer and gym manager/assistant manager/whatever you want to call me, we haven’t exactly come up with an official title yet…


My wish for this blog is that I hope you chuckle a little, learn something here and there or at least find it mildly entertaining…


Until Next Time…Get. Off. Your. A$$.



P.S. - I'm hoping to post weekly, but, yah know, life happens so I won't make promises. Keep your eyes open!


“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”

-Alan Turing

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