Why Do We Recommend Supplements?

Why Do We Recommend Supplements?

Why do we recommend supplements?

In short, to fill in the nutritional gaps that we don’t get naturally from the foods we eat on a daily basis. WE ARE HUMAN THUS DO NOT EAT PERFECT EVERYTIME!

Unless you are ONLY eating natural foods (ones that you pick from a plant/tree, dig up from the ground or kill), and from variety of sources then you are missing out on A LOT of important minerals and vitamins. (Like the ones shown all around dotFIT’s Active Multivitamin.)

When you supplement, you’re giving your body the chance to work at its best without forcing yourself to eat foods you don’t like just to get a specific mineral or vitamin that it needs.

If you’re not sure, stop into My Fitness Kitchen and see how we can help fill your nutritional needs!

Final note: Just like not all calories are created equal, not all supplements are either. How do you know the company you're purchasing from has quality products that do what their packaging says? Many people don't know what they are paying for and don't see any improvements. 

Come see us at My Fitness Kitchen or call at 724-879-8523 if you want to know if the supplements you're taking are up to par with the top standards. We recommend and TRUST dotFIT, but they are one company of many that take quality seriously. 

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