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My Fitness Kitchen

The Best Nutrition And Fitness Solution Around

Welcome to My Fitness Kitchen, a nutrition coaching and fitness training facility all packed into one! We train and support men and women of all ages and walks of life, offering expertise, accountability, and motivation that can help you enjoy a healthier and happier lifestyle. We are proud to offer you multiple membership options and a wide range of nutrition and fitness training programs. Whether you're hoping to lose weight, gain weight, or just establish a more sustainable approach to your diet and exercise, we have what you're looking for.

Our Expert Team

Our team is made up of dedicated, educated professionals who are committed to helping you find the best balance of fitness and nutrition in your life. We leverage evidence-based scientific programming while providing sustainable methods of progression to support you every step of the way.


Our Core Values

Make it LIVABLE, Be ACCOUNTABLE and AWARE, Have Concern for Muscle, Movement Matters, Knowledge is POWER, Use it or Lose it, Make Every Day Better!


Our Mission

Knowledge is Power.  Here at My Fitness Kitchen our goal is to assist individuals in achieving their personal health and fitness goal.  We strive to empower individuals on the science of weight management, body transformation, post-rehab fitness & sports-enhancement.   


Our Promise

We pledge to be here during your entire journey. Improving your nutrition and fitness habits is no easy task. But we're ready to guide you through the process and introduce you to proven systems of success in a LIVABLE way.

Personal Training

Personal Training in Latrobe - My Fitness Kitchen

Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training in Latrobe - My Fitness Kitchen


Nutrition in Latrobe - My Fitness Kitchen

A Total Body Approach To Better Health And Wellness

Meet our Trainers

" I have belonged to several fitness centers over my life. The Fitness Kitchen owned and operated by Mark Rullo is the best place I have ever gone to. As I am over 55, my focus is flexibility, cardio conditioning, muscle tone, joint strength and weight control. The results I have achieved working .... Read more

Jim Breisinger

Dawna Sachs Campbell, My Fitness Kitchen testimonialS

My AHA moment was seeing myself in a picture from Mother’s Day. I’m 51 and I looked pregnant! The next week I made an appointment with Mark Rullo at MFK. Best decision I’ve made this year. In 11 weeks I’ve lost 15.4 lbs and 13.8 lbs of that was fat. I compare that to a pound .... Read more

Dawna Sachs Campbell

Rich Slivoskey, My Fitness Kitchen testimonialS

If you are looking for an exercise facility that will combine focused & programmed exercise with nutritional support so that you can achieve your personal health goals, then My Fitness Kitchen is the place for you. If you need advice about which if any supplements you should take to support .... Read more

Rich Slivoskey

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Personal Training in Latrobe - My Fitness Kitchen

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