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  • How My Fitness Kitchen helped me lose over 20 lbs at Planet Fitness

    I had been going to Planet Fitness for quite a while off and on but not seeing any results. 

    Frustrated I  stopped by My Fitness Kitchen and talked with Mark who listened to what I was saying and suggested that what was missing was accountability and awareness to nutrition and the same regarding training on how to use the exercise equipment. 

    Knowing I was on a budget Mark created a game plan that would educate and empower me on how to utilize Planet Fitness that will work for me.  Mark put together a program where I would work with one of his staff - Kevin at My Fitness Kitchen once a week and then go to Planet Fitness at least one other time each week.  With Kevin's motivation and guidance I became much more accountable to my program which in turn  began to get much more out of my PF workouts.  I felt more comfortable with the various machines at PF and even with venturing to new ones.  Kevin at My Fitness Kitchen also provided me with a plan I could take with me there each week for variety. 

    The big difference and value was checking in once a week at My Fitness Kitchen with Kevin to kept me accountable and help me establish a routine that works with my life.    My Fitness Kitchen coaching gave all me the tools I needed to better empower me. 

    In as little as three months and without feeling deprived or needing to be at a fitness center more than twice a week, I have a program that is designed around me and is LIVABLE which also has led me to loose over 20 pounds.  Without resorting to extreme intense workouts everyday, and restrictive diets where I would had to give up the foods I love I was still able to lose over 20 lbs exercising only 2 days week.  This was all possible due to the accountability and awareness coupled with the personalized program design provided by the team of professionals at My Fitness Kitchen.

    A BIG thank you out to Mark and to Kevin and everyone at My Fitness Kitchen for a life changing 3 months!  

    If you have a membership at a gym and not seeing results I definitely recommend you contact My Fitness Kitchen for help on how to better utilize your membership.  I am confident it will be well worth your time to meet with them for a FREE private strategy session like I did.  - Denise Hegemann


    How My Fitness Kitchen helped me lose over 20 lbs at Planet Fitness
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    Finding My Fitness Kitchen has been one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time.


    I am finally getting myself back to where I want to be. It hasn't been easy, but Mark, Chris, and the rest of the staff are helpful and supportive, and MFK is a friendly and non-judgmental place.


    What sets MFK apart is the weigh-ins and nutritional counseling that go along with the customized workouts. This is the total package I need that I have really never found anywhere else.


    Mark has taken the time to see what works for me with my busy life to put a program together that is allowing me to reach my goals. I get all the guidance I need to continue this program of dietary accountability and physical activity throughout the rest of my week.


    I highly recommend My Fitness Kitchen  to anyone looking to be educated and guided about nutrition and fitness in a way that works in real life!

    Melissa Ackerman
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    " I have belonged to several fitness centers over my life. My Fitness Kitchen owned and operated by Mark Rullo is the best place I have ever gone to.  


    As I am over 55, my focus is flexibility, cardio conditioning, muscle tone,  joint strength and weight control.  The results I have achieved working with Mark and his team have exceeded my expectations. For example I lost ten pounds in my first three months and have stayed there in the two years since.


    What sets My Fitness Kitchen  above the others is the skill, knowledge and experience of Mark and his team of trainers.


    They make you feel comfortable and treat you with dignity and respect no matter what  physical condition you are in. If you want help , they will give it to you and if you don't they won't intrude. And the clientele is just as nice : friendly, polite, non judgmental and non intrusive.


    Mark is far and away the most knowledgeable, most skilled and most experienced trainer I have ever worked with.  


    He brings this to bear with an exceptional eye for seeing  your unique physical characteristics and anatomy ( gait, balance ,weight, strength, flexibility, mobility,  B.M.I., left/right side dominance etc) to develop a training program  customized to your specific goals,  physical condition, limitations and potential.   

    Everyone of Mark's team of trainers are highly educated, experienced , skilled professionals who's approach is  practical, respectful and courteous.


    Chris is a dynamo who can help you improve your strength and turn your strength into power or help anyone interested in all around  general fitness. And D'Anna is also excellent especially when it comes to cardio spinning workouts and she is a master when it comes to YOGA.


    Bottom line is that The Fitness Kitchen is a wonderful place for anyone who is serious about their fitness , health and nutrition no matter where you are in your life's journey. " 

    Jim Breisinger  

    Jim Breisinger
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    My AHA moment was seeing myself in a picture from Mother’s Day. I’m 51 and I looked pregnant! The next week I made an appointment with Mark Rullo at MFK. Best decision I’ve made this year.


    In 11 weeks I’ve lost 15.4 lbs and 13.8 lbs of that was fat. I compare that to a pound of butter, 4 sticks in a pack, that’s 55 sticks of butter! I’m building muscle and I’m smiling again.


    I look forward to the workouts, there are so many to choose from. In 11 weeks, no workout has been the same. It’s now FUN. Mark and his staff, especially Chris, will guide you, while being professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and positive. Come join us!

    Dawna Sachs Campbell
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    If you are looking for an exercise facility that will combine focused & programmed exercise with nutritional support so that you can achieve your personal health goals, then My Fitness Kitchen is the place for you.


    If you need advice about which if any supplements you should take to support good health, then Mark Rullo, owner and fitness-nutrition advisor, will be able to suggest the appropriate supplements for you.


    Mark suggested that I try a joint supplement (Joint Flex Plus) after I mentioned to him that both of my hips were painful, so painful that I could not stand for more than 15 minutes at a time. An X-ray revealed that I had arthritis in each hip and that I would eventually have to have both hips replaced.


    Since taking Joint Flex Plus by dotFit, my hips have miraculously felt much better. His supplement recommendation supported my better health and it prevented two hip replacements. I buy my supplements through My Fitness Kitchen on site or through the My Fitness Kitchen website, because it is easy and it supports a small business.


    I prefer working out at a smaller gym such as My Fitness Kitchen as compared to a warehouse gym facility, because of the personal attention that I receive. Thank you, My Fitness Kitchen! You changed my life in a very positive way.

    Rich Slivoskey
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    I love My Fitness Kitchen!! It is the Best in the area, for weight loss. My Fitness Kitchen is much more than a gym. It provides Nutritional counseling, personal and group training and livable life style methods for long term weightloss and fitness success. Mark Rullo, owner of MFK, is one of the best in the business. His compassion and understanding for his clients are what makes this place so unique. His staff is well trained in all areas of fitness, from beginners to athletes and all of us in between. Anyone can come in and feel immediately comfortable! There are so many wonderful people and so many success stories! My Fitness Kitchen is where you can come in and be you with people just like you. No judgement, just compassion and understanding and a whole lot of motivation!! Love it, love Mark and everyone there!!

    Jackie Austeri Acito
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    My Fitness Kitchen is more than a gym...the staff is there to help you where most people need the Kitchen! I have been a member for 6 that time they truly have saved my life! When I started there I weighed 350 I have lost 150+ pounds! I could hardly walk without being out of breath and today I can run! I am so very thankful to have such awesome support from the whole staff! If you are struggling and don't know what to do...join the MFK family...we are all here to support you!!...Call Mark at My Fitness Kitchen today!!

    Tanice Marinchek
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    I'm a fitness instructor and have taught at many gyms over the past decade. What makes My Fitness Kitchen great is the personal details. Mark and his trained staff truly know how to help with all around health and fitness goals. They don't give you some cookie cutter program. They care about you and simply don't just take your membership money and tell you to go at it alone. Many people workout but many of those same people still struggle to lose weight or to take their fitness up a level. My Fitness Kitchen will help you track your progress and teach you about food portions and about metabolic rate. They work in depth with you and your goals and they keep you informed and educated every step of the way. There are so many fad diets out there. My Fitness Kitchen will not just help you, but teach you about the nutrition component of getting healthier. They'll share recipes and offer tips for at home so you can be successful all day long. Also, they have cardio and weight machines, as well as plenty of fun apparatus to train on and they do offer classes as well. I've seen trainers at many gyms and heard what they tell there clients about food. Be careful. Please see someone who is knowledgeable like Mark. This gym is not fancy but it has everything that you need. Because it's more of a mom and pop type gym, you get more personal attention and the staff there knows you.

    Colette Patenaude Silvis
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    I've been an every day gym goer for years. Found this gym a few years ago through word of mouth and friends. The staff and the owner Mark is incredible. And they provide everything and more that you could possibly need to get yourself healthy and stay in shape. With the equipment, knowledge, and the supplementation he provides, Mark and his staff make it really easy to push yourself to places you didn't know you could get to.

    Josh Howard
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    This place is far beyond any normal run of the mill gym. The beauty of this gym goes far beyond just access to equipment. The staff here are all extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness. I have learned much more than I ever knew existed, not just in exercising, but in proper dieting and supplementation. Everyone here is extremely and friendly as well. A great gym to exercise at!

    David Kutzer
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    Ohana means family....Family means no one is left behind or forgotten! Here is where you always feel like you have family. Someone to lean on; someone to celebrate your goals and accomplishments; someone to understand with you that it feels good to sweat and that truly there is no pain no gain; someone there to understand when you got off track and somehow ended up under the treadmill instead of on top and telling you, It's okay. You are back home. Regroup. Let's do this together. There is no judgment when you walk through the doors and when you walk out the door you only feel success. I love My Fitness Kitchen. It is the one place that I ALWAYS find strength, smiles, sanity! MY FITNESS KITCHEN is QUALITY time with ME!!!

    Lisa Infante DeLong
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    I came to MFK on the advice of many friends whose weight loss journey began there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Mark and the crew are not only knowledgeable and experienced in nutrition, exercise, and weight loss but also compassionate and understanding in the ever-changing demands life puts on us on a daily basis. They empowered me with the realization that what may be today's mistake doesn't have to be the beginning of a downward spiral and that it's ok to forgive yourself for having an "off" day with exercise and nutrition. The accountability for every day choices has been huge for me in continuing to work towards my weight loss goal, but more importantly allows me to make smarter decisions when it comes to diet and exercise. I love hearing the really remarkable weight loss success stories of so many of the MFK members and it's really inspiring to hear where they started and see how far they've come! I've never been to a gym before where the members are so excited to see others succeed! I have never been an early riser but the Saturday morning 5:45am SWEAT Equity class is definitely worth getting out of bed, even on those cold winter mornings! I've been a member for almost a year and highly recommend anyone looking to upgrade their overall fitness to give MFK a try...your body will thank you!

    Marcy Danser Frydrych
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    I can't say enough about My Fitness Kitchen. I did the 30 day jump start and am so happy not only with my results, but with how much I learned in those 30 days. Mark is an excellent trainer and the staff is always so helpful. I can finally say I've found a gym that I enjoy going to.. I love it!!

    Rebecca Baldonierl
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    I love MFK! Mark is an excellent trainer! You achieve milestones that you never thought were possible! The fellow members are wonderful and very supportive! I highly recommend for anyone wanting to get in shape and improve their health! Numerous members have lost 100+ pounds! Great results!

    Patricia Gustafson-Dellinger
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    love MFK! these people are awesome and really work with you.....doing the 30 day jumpstart weight loss....I leave there exhausted in a good way. I have learned more in my first week there than I have in 30 years of going to gyms......Keep up the great work guys, you rock!

    Teresa Usry
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    This is THE gym to come to for a solid workout. Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or a combination of both, Mark and his staff will make sure you reach any goal you set!

    Ray Mears
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    Been working out at MFK for over a year. It has and continues to be a wonderful experience. Kudos to Chris - he keeps me going and improving myself.

    Sue Woodfine
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    Great experience as a member here - staff is friendly, motivating, and knows exactly how to assist me in reaching my goals. I used to be afraid to lift weights but since beginning to train one-on-one once a week along with attending the group exercise classes (spinning, zumba, and yoga), I have been able to drop 10 pounds and improve body composition from 19% to 15% body fat. Mark has so much knowledge on nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and gives great advice in either a personal setting or in the food classes he offers in the kitchen.

    Karlie Hudock
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    The best lifestyle and fitness center in the area. Check it out!

    Danielle Shoup Goyal
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    Great classes, great instructors, great members. My second home. Need I say more?

    Sondra Lynn
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    Best gym in the area!

    Mary Lucia
  • Greensburg Small Group Training

    Great Stuff

    David Haas
  • Greensburg Personal Training

    I have been with Mark for 7 years. He has adapted my work outs to the numerous limitations I have had in the past. Since May of 2015, I have lost 60lbs. During that time period I had a knee replacement, and he put together a program to meet my restrictions. The staff is knowledgeable of nutrition and exercise and are very approachable. Facility is clean and has an upbeat atmosphere.You could not find a better place.

    Keith Mathias

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