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Build A Stronger, More Stable Body With Our Supplement System

Give your body an extra boost with our NSF Certified supplements offered through dotFIT. Paired with your training and nutrition at My Fitness Kitchen, our supplement plan can help you see results like never before.

What does NSF Certified mean on your products?

Although all of dotFit products are formulated and manufactured with the same rigor, we have added one more test for another type of assurance - NSF Certified for Sport!

NSF Certification for Sport is a test that most manufacturers won't do because of cost and the potential to fail.

For dotFIT, this is yet another 3rd-party validation of purity and potency. But, most importantly, it also adds a test for banned substances that can accidentally drift into products during the manufacturing process because of unprotected, non-segregated mixing rooms (or worse, deliberate spiking of illegal ingredients).

Collegiate and pro athletes need this assurance in order to protect themselves from unwarranted suspensions.

This is just one more reason for every athlete, or parents of young athletes, to only use the dotFIT products to improve recovery, performance, and health while pursuing athletic excellence.

Properly used, dotFIT products help you "be more than you can be" because we believe you can always grow stronger, play longer and be better!

Whether you're looking for better recovery, boosted muscle mass and tone, or improved total-body health, we have something for you.

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Why My Fitness Kitchen is a proud partner of dotFIT


Here are the facts about generic and mass marketed brands:

Under-Regulation: companies do not have to prove their products are safe or effective before selling them. Buyer must beware of the following:

Poor Quality: Makers of supplements must compete on price & end up comprising on quality, often leading to under formulated & ineffective products.

Inaccurate Labels: Approximately 50% of products tested by independent parties revealed that they did not contain the ingredients listed on the label or were present in effective amounts.

Contamination: Independent groups also found that approximately 30% of the products tested were contaminated. That means you may be unknowingly putting your health or athletic career at risk.


Our system is:

Evidence-based: The ingredients forms and dosages match clinical trials.

NSF Certified for Sport: All of our products are 3rd party tested to be pure, potent and FREE of contaminants and banned substances, including NSF Certification for specific products.

Practitioner Products: Our products are sold only by trained fitness professionals using a screening process which incorporates individual statistics, goals and medical history to ensure safety and efficacy.

Personalized: Each member/client gets a complete SOLUTION including nutrition (food first), exercise, supplements and accountability, all delivered by a competently qualified fitness professional.

Before you waste any money on unnecessary, low quality or even worse contaminated supplement products contact the professionals here at My Fitness Kitchen at 724-879-8523 to schedule a private consult where we can perform the necessary profile to see what (if any) supplements you should be taking to compliment your current lifestyle and goals.

Let us be your TRUSTED nutrition and supplement resource to personalize a program to fit you in the most safe, effective manner.

If you prefer to go it alone in your supplement programming, definitely utilize the “5 STEPS TO NOT WASTE MONEY WHEN BUYING SUPPLEMENTS” guideline HERE when purchasing to ensure what you are purchasing is not only safe, but also you are getting what you suppose to be getting.

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