5 Steps to Not Waste Money When You Buy Supplements

5 steps to not waste $ when you buy

Anytime discussing supplementation, we believe it is critical to start with this fundamental DISCLAIMER regarding the use of supplements:

Basic definition of a supplement is “In addition to”. Therefore there is NO magic pill. Supplements are only good when they support an existing properly designed and executed nutritional and exercise program.

It is impossible for us or anyone for that matter to know all the products out there to properly judge/evaluate its purity and potency.  

With that said, it is easier to follow a guideline to eliminate the lesser quality products.  

Manufactures can list anything on a label but as you may or may not know, that doesn't mean it's in there; therefore, as a guideline:

1. Make sure they are 3rd party independently tested (such as NSF, Health Canada, etc.) to make sure what’s on the Label is in the container. 

2. Once you know what’s on the label is in the container, make sure dosage and forms match positive clinical trials on humans (Practitioners Dietary Supplement Reference Guide -PDSRG) to ensure desired results and/or avoid toxicity levels.

3. Maximize delivery and absorption to avoid making donation to the toilet.  Just because you swallow a pill, drink a shake or eat something doesn’t guarantee your body actually absorbs the nutrients.   What type of delivery system as well as when and with what other nutrients (food, beverage and/or other supplements) can greatly impact what is absorbed or wasted.

4. Is it programmed by an educated health, fitness practitioner to match your lifestyle?  You should be profiled and in addition to your goals asked about medical history, current medication and lifestyle to ensure what is recommended is not contraindicated to maximize SAFETY & EFFECTIVENESS.  

5. Finally Price – does it fit your budget. Obviously, Price is important.  However, as you can see in this guideline it is last in the decision making pecking order.  

Unfortunately, the only questions typically asked when purchasing mass-marketed supplements are method of payment – “How will you be paying for this – Cash, Credit or Check?”

One last piece of advice regarding purchasing of supplements, you are better off not purchasing at all if you unable to follow the above guideline

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