Losing Weight Fast

Losing Weight Fast

Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight quickly is not impossible. Yet, when you have yourself on a strict weight loss deadline, the desired element of fast is not always as immediate as you would like it to be. This can make the entire weight loss process seem fully un-encouraging. But do not give up! There is a safe, healthy, and effective way to lose weigh quickly. As long as you are determined, honest with yourself with the volume (number of calories) of food you eat, and able to maintain a healthy balance, then your wellness goals can be completely achievable. For easy long-term success, we prefer our L.E.A.N (Livable Exercise and Nutrition) strategy. Yet, for special events that have tight deadlines; safe and quick weight loss can be accomplished by eliminating the guesswork by calculating your metabolism and becoming aware and accountable to what and how much you feed your metabolism.

Be Honest with Yourself & Your Fitness Level

From the success of your wellness goals, to general safety, be honest with yourself when it comes to the level of fitness you should begin at. Good news, exercise takes a back seat to caloric management in the weight loss process. This understanding removes the pressure to feel that you have to doing any extreme, push till you puke type workouts to make your desired changes. The older you are, more sedentary you are, and more overweight you are the greater likelihood your exercise program will need to be personalized to minimize injury and to ensure you actually enjoy the process. Yes you are seeking quick results; however you will also want the results to last via being livable; therefore no workout should beat you up and make you feel miserable. Do not lose sight of the objective in that you want to FEEL BETTER!

Maintaining Your Success

Another imperative part of successful wellness is maintaining the goals you have achieved which again is the objective of our L.E.A.N (Livable Exercise and Nutrition) Lifestyle Coaching here at My Fitness Kitchen. Simple self-test to know whether you are in an L.E.A.N Lifestyle is that you see no finish line and could see yourself doing this the rest of your life. If you can’t wait till the program is over so you can get back to your previous lifestyle congratulations you can now officially call yourself a yo-yo dieter!

Contact My Fitness Kitchen today for more information on how to calculate your metabolism and learn how to fuel your metabolism in a livable manner around YOUR FOOD on YOUR TERMS while supporting it with activity that fits your availability, limitations, interests and targeted goals. Our understanding and educated staff is here to help you stay accountable and aware so that you achieve your optimal wellness, from nourishment to fitness. Call us My Fitness Kitchen at (724) 879–8523 now, and let us help you start the journey to a better you!

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