Spring Weight Loss Tips

Spring Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Spring is nearly here and with fewer layers needed to stay warm, you may be thinking about carrying around a few less pounds as well. From feeling good to looking good, there are countless reasons to get motivated and working on your ultimate health wellness. No matter the season, My Fitness Kitchen is here to help you achieve all of your wellness goals—starting with a few spring weight loss tips, below!

Switch Up Your Routines

When your body does the same thing over and over again, your muscles get used to it. This means that, eventually, your muscles are not being worked as hard anymore. So if your current routine now seems easier than it was when you started, it’s most likely time to do something different. Also, be sure to have a workout plan that does not neglect any muscle groups. If you only do bicep curls and sit-ups, do not expect to have your entire body remain fit.

Put Effort into Doing the Math

In order to maintain your current weight, the calories you take in must equal the calories you burn. Similarly, burning more calories than you take in will result in weight loss. This simple method of calorie tracking is well worth feeling your best and healthiest during spring and the rest of the year.

Balance Stress & Sleep

You may think that proper nutrition and sufficient exercise are the only combination of things that aid in healthy weight loss. Other elements of your day, such as distress and lack of sleep, influence your body’s desires for foods, Don’t let stress make you over eat, and do not sleep away mealtimes. Proper weight loss also starts with proper sleep and balanced stress levels.

The most important step to weight loss this spring is balance. If you eat unhealthy, exercise well, or vise versa, you are not achieving your ultimate wellness. Offering full encouragement, strategy and results, our experts at My Fitness Kitchen are here for you every step of the way. Call our My Fitness Kitchen team at (724) 997-1692 or visit ¬¬us at the My Fitness Kitchen location in Latrobe, for more information on our unique and effective approach to achieving and sustaining weight loss.

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