Summer Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips for Summer

Spring is quickly turning into summer, and warm days are turning into hot ones. And since we wear less clothing during waves of heat—to maintain a healthy body temperature—this also means more body exposure. Yet not all of us are ready to bare our post-winter bods. But that does not mean it is too late! Our Hierarchy of Fat Loss at My Fitness Kitchen is the most safe and efficient path toward weight management and body transformation.

In the simplest terms, this process offers supportive nutrition that particularly makes use of caloric management, and is following by concern for muscle and aerobic activity. Below are a few easy steps and behaviors that anyone can use to help shed a few pounds and get back to a healthy that supports this Hierarchy of Fat Loss system. There are many easy steps anyone can take to help shed a few pounds and get back to healthy.

– Stop Skipping Breakfast

This is simple: eat breakfast. It does not have to be a morning buffet extravaganza. Starting the day with fresh fruit, or a handful of nuts, some toast or a bowl of cereal is a sufficient breakfast to get you going. Eating breakfast helps to keep your metabolism going, and fat burning. If you want to get more specific, look to include protein to your breakfast to aid in satiety and leverage its thermogenic effect.

-Be Aware of Portions Sizes, and Snack Throughout the Day

Cramming all of your nourishment into three large food sessions during the day and night is not the healthiest way to eat, although it seems to be most common. Yet, from a weight management perspective, managing meals comes down to total calories and it does not matter if those calories come from 1 or 6 meals in a single day. Though, if you are one for eating multiple small meals, there are additional advantages to this way of eating, such as keeping blood sugar levels more consistent. Maintained blood sugar levels will in turn keep energy levels more constant so that you are more energized to move, which will help you burn more calories. And for those who tend to overeat, consuming multiple smaller meals rather than three large meals typically reduces the risk of over-indulging while eating.

As for portion size, or more appropriately Portion Distortion, this is a huge culprit in sabotaging individual weight management success. Without pre-packaging or weighing out food, we are left with “eye-balling” serving size, which is not an accurate method of food quantity judgement. If you are already carrying extra poundage that you do not want, chance are that you may have a disconnection with what the caloric value of the actual serving size of food compared to what you think a portioned serving is. Snacking on correctly proportioned food throughout the entire day is a much healthier alternative. Eating burger, for instance, is not a snack; eating some fruit, nuts and string cheese is a snack. Eating the right amount of the right foods is most important to remember when considering a diet change.

-Maintain Full Nourishment

Do not indulge in fad diets that limit your menu options and nourishment as a result—especially if you want any weight loss to be lasting in the long term. Increasing nutrients, such as fiber, actually help to increase weight loss as well. Eating none of a certain food, or eating less in general does not mean healthy weight loss. Achieving an ideal weight is not only about getting to that certain number; it is also about staying at that healthy weight with respect to your body composition. You want to minimize the loss of lean body mass, while keeping focus on weight loss of fat. Methods of weight loss such as fad diets and cleanses will only yield temporary results, if any at all. Maintain your goal weight by also maintaining full and proper nourishment that is built around your food and your terms.

-Seek Fitness Professional Assistance

Signing up for a personal trainer to help you conquer the above tips is one simple step you can take to achieve all of your fitness goals. For some individuals, access to fitness training is all that is needed; however, for most other individuals who are struggling they need accountability and direction—simple access is not enough. By meeting and working with a fitness professional, a strategic and personalized game plan can be created to keep you on track with each fitness goal that you have, as well as keep you motivated throughout the entire process.

Contact us at My Fitness Kitchen for more information on nutrition, weight loss and general health. We will help you learn how to eat well and exercise appropriately so that you can meet all of your fitness and wellness goals which also fit your personal availability and accommodates any limitations.

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