The Benefits of Training in a Group

Group Training Benefits

There are many different ways to train. While some prefer classic personal training that is one-on-one instruction, others are beginning to look into group training. Becoming increasingly popular, group personal training for weight loss offers additional benefits over traditional personal training.

-Make Your Fitness Challenge Fun

One of the greatest elements of Group Personal Training is the fun that comes with training with others. A group fitness setting not only lets you establish and fulfill your own fitness goals, it also makes way for the establishment of relationships. And everyone knows it’s always beneficial to have an encouraging, fitness friend by your side.

-Form Your Fitness Tribe of Positive Support

While working toward achieving your fitness goals in a group setting, you are also able to build a support structure with your group. Fellow exercisers begin to shape into a kind of fitness tribe of support for everyone. This gives you the ability to help encourage your groupmates to stay on the path of working hard to achieve their fitness goals, and in return you also receive ample support from your fitness tribe so that you too can accomplish your objectives. When you are surrounded with others who are working toward a similar fitness goal, the training environment becomes enriched with support and positivity.

-Increase Weight Loss and Decrease Training Costs

More often than not, fitness training within a group setting greatly decreases the cost for the trainer. Why train one-on-one expensively, when you can train in a small group inexpensively? With Group Personal Training, you not only decrease your weight, you also increase your wallet’s value.

At My Fitness Kitchen, we are your go-to team for weight loss. We offer the traditional group exercise schedule that is complete with everything from Pilates & Muscular Endurance classes, to Yoga, Spin, Kick-Box and Body Sculpt classes for the ultimate variety, as well as the Group Personal Training of Sweat Equity and F.I.T. sessions in addition to semi-private and one-on-one Personal Training. Call us at My Fitness Kitchen now for more information on the benefits of exercise training in a group setting. Our compassionate and experienced staff understands your goals and what it is that you need to do in order to achieve them.

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