How are You Eating?

The Right Diet

When people are seeking weight loss and proper nutrition they often don’t know where to begin. Through the montage of advice, tips, and tricks, there is one thing that must be controlled before anything else matters, and that is caloric management. Since caloric management trumps everything when seeking weight loss, the advantage of looking at the type of calories beyond the total volume of calories can not only magnify the caloric management for weight loss while also enables you to become healthier in the process.

Whether Eating or Drinking, Consume the Right Stuff

It’s called junk food for a reason. Eating things such as chips, candy, fast-meals and similar junk foods provide no real nourishment for the body; they are junk. Eliminate junk stuff and gravitate toward natural foods instead, such as fruits and vegetables rather than candy and fries. You do not have to make it complicated, seek foods provided to us by nature, such as, fruits, vegetables, and unprocessed meats rather than the man made options. Additionally nutrition is not only about what you eat, but also about what you drink.

If you are having difficulties losing weight although you technically eat healthy foods, consider what you are drinking too. Everything but water should be eliminated or minimized from the diet; such as alcohol, soda and juices. Yes even juices, if you want apple or orange juice, eat an apple or an orange. That will save you almost 100 calories, that simple swap per day could equate to losing 10 lbs in one year if everything stays the same with your diet and activity.

Serve Yourself the Proper Amount, at the Right Time

Serving sizes and portion sizes need to be in-line and one does not necessarily equal that of the other. Unfortunately most individuals struggle with this. One bagel at a bagel shop where you grab your morning coffee is equal to 5 slices of bread. Most people do not even question when they grab a bagel and coffee on the go. However, they wouldn’t even think to grab 5 slices of bread with their morning coffee. This is just one of many examples where individuals miscalculate their caloric management due to portion distortion and struggle to achieve any weight loss success. Another example of portion distortion is how we fill our plates for a meal. Keep in mind that your plate is not supposed to be completely covered with food, healthy or otherwise. When holding your meal time plate, think of its rim as being a kind of handle; the center of the dish is where food proportionately belongs. Remember manage your calorie intake first, and then worry about magnifying your results by fulfilling your intake needs with healthier options that are more nutrient dense as compared to those that are caloric dense.

Know how much you are eating as well as what you are eating so that you can supplement your nutrition geared towards weight loss with a personalized fitness routine. Do not expect perfection; rather strive to get better while building a plan around your foods on your terms. To accomplish this lifestyle, requires weekly monitoring during the early stages to acknowledge successful behaviors while discovering those behaviors that can be adjusted that may have been holding you back.

At My Fitness Kitchen, we provide you with everything you need to achieve and sustain all of your health wellness goals. From our personalized nutrition and exercise programming with weekly accountability monitoring, our staff and services will set you up for success; leverage technology to eliminate any guesswork to drive the results that are livable for a lifetime.

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