Undereating Isn't Your Weight Loss Solution

Undereating Isn't Your Weight Loss Solution

The Science & Truth of Barely Eating

When you do not eat enough, you are depriving your body of the necessary nutrition and energy required for optimal functioning. When you do not take in enough calories your body begins to access its energy conservation mode, and your metabolism slows down. Yet, your body can only store so much energy in reserve at a time. From feeling tired and on edge, to losing muscle mass and gaining nutrient deficiencies, undereating can be detrimental to health. And the truth is, undereating does not help you lose weight and keep it off!

Medically Supervised VLCD Exceptions

Very low calorie diets (VLCD) are the only exception to eating less than the minimum daily caloric minimum. Although temporary, safely lasting no longer than 12 weeks, a VLCD must be done under medical supervision. This weight loss jump-starting technique only allots for 800 calories or less per day, putting ample importance on the supervision of medical personnel. A VLCD is the only exception to undereating, and is only acceptable on rare occasion and in extremely severe cases.

Proper Balance is Key for Optimal Wellness Overall

When it comes to overall wellness, balancing proper eating habits, nourishment and fitness, is key. Undereating is good for neither you nor your body. It is important to not only eat healthy food choices, but to also consume the proper amounts of the right food as well. Additionally, regular fitness is the other half of maintaining a healthy weight.

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